DSOAL Mission

The world we live, travel and work in today has danger lurking around every corner. This is a sad fact of these times. The stress and uncertainties that arise from this knowledge often weighs particularly heavily on business executives, negatively impacting their businesses.

Our mission is to step in and eliminate that stress and uncertainty by guaranteeing a secure, friendly and conducive environment in which to conduct your business, be it at a fixed location which is familiar to you, or in your travels to unfamiliar destinations as may be dictated by business requirements.

We believe that the peace of mind this assurance of safety brings will help you concentrate all of your energy and wit on your core business decisions to the ultimate benefit of your organisation. This is our pledge to our clients.


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Dynatic Sec-Ops & Admin-Log Services Limited.

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Suite F107, Haramani Plaza, Plot 873, Shettima Mungono Crescent, Behind Berger Yard, Utako


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Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide the best services based on safety, security and comfort to our clients.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to step in and eliminate stress and uncertainties(in terms of securities) by guaranteeing a secure, friendly and conducive environment for our clients.

Core Values

    All our actions and relationships are based on honesty, accountability and right decisions.
    We are polite and courteous at all times.
    We are disciplined, well-behaved and very organised.
    All our actions are based on carefully thought ideas and decisions.
    We are creative and always dynamic.

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