Our six hectares DSOAL Physical Training School located at Kurudu has a standard obstacle course, endurance track and gymnasium amongst other training facilities. Our trainees must be over the age of 18, they must pass a medical test as well as run a 3.2km in 12 minutes, 40 push -ups, 40 sit-ups and 15 chin -ups in 2 minutes each. It also involves extensive unarmed combat, VIP protection drills, VIP Extrication, Offensive and Defensive Driving. Weapon training on single and double barrel short guns are also part of our curriculum.

Our medical test includes measurement of blood pressure, musculoskeletal status, physical examination, HIV and Hepatitis status. Upon the completion and passing of medical examinations, trainees would be permitted to move to the next phase which is the physical examination. Successful trainees would then be permitted to commence a 2 weeks training.

In our training ground we have a serene environment for our trainees to be professionally trained by expert instructors in theoretical security courses which involve Basic Law, Health and Safety, Situation Awareness, Situation Assessment, Disengagement Techniques, Conflicts Avoidance and Extrication, Incident Report Writing, Conflict Management, Personal Attitudinal Behavior, Professional Code of Conduct, First Aid, Observing and Identifying Hazards and Access Control (which entails checking baggage and vehicles for illegal substances). Others are Crowd Control (which involves locking down a facility and creating barricade), Monitoring and Controlling Traffic Movement, Weapon Training, Radio

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Our mission is to step in and eliminate stress and uncertainties(in terms of securities) by guaranteeing a secure, friendly and conducive environment for our clients.

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