Vetting and Background Checks


Vetting involves the process of checking and compiling criminal records, commercial records, academic records, financial records and registration records of an individual or organization. All employers are under an obligation to make sure their work environments are devoid of people with questionable character by looking into their antecedent. Historically, companies are most likely to conduct background check on employees but are less likely to vet their vendors or contractors.

However, with the alarming proliferation in cases of dealing with vendors that have a history of sketchy business practices in addition to the danger of having a business abruptly truncated by unqualified vendors, not vetting the vendors can ultimately prove to be too dangerous.

At DSOAL, we provide background check service to help our clients eliminate the avoidable risk of relying on unreliable vendors or companies not duly registered or ghost companies to carry out a vital part of their business operation by conducting an exhaustive civil and criminal background checks on all their vendors.

We also conduct thorough investigation on our clients’ staff to ensure certificate forgers, habitual recidivists and people with questionable character don't make it to their payroll.

A well-rounded vetting or background check usually include but not limited to the following:

  • Past employment verification
  • Criminal history
  • Past litigations and their outcomes
  • Address verification (both present and previous addresses)
  • Academic verifications
  • Character check
  • Professional license verification

Remember, just because someone is a vendor instead of an employee doesn't mean they are locked out of your business.

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